Lifestyle at Quail Park

two elderly residents sitting while a young woman staff member smiles and sets a bowl of popcorn on a coffee table

Living in Place, Not Just Aging in Place

At Quail Park, we want more for our residents – much more! We want our Residents to live and thrive – to build new friendships, to continue to live a life of purpose and service, and to just have some good old fashioned fun.

Diversity in Programming

Our Life Engagement program offers a vast array of social opportunities for our Residents to celebrate life. These include traditional games and activities of bingo, bridge, Wii bowling, and horseshoes, along with art programs, special events, family festivals, community outings and live entertainment.

Our belief is that wellness is not the things you do, it’s the way you live. True wellness heals all; the mind, the body and the soul. Without it you are allowing your body to become more susceptible to illness. With it, you are truly enhancing your life!

Opportunities for Socialization

Many seniors complain about not having companionship—some through the loss of a spouse, others through the loss of friends or the absence of family. Loneliness and isolation are among the leading causes of depression, sickness and decline in overall health and wellness. There are great spiritual and cognitive benefits in developing friendships with others, especially late in life. In order for this to take place, we need to provide opportunities for friendships to form. Providing engaging programs provides our residents with meaningful opportunities to connect with and enrich one another’s lives.

Quail Park is a place to call home!

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