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The Tribute Program at Quail Park is purposefully designed to address the unique needs of persons living with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Our Memory Care program seeks to honor the distinctive life story of each resident, paying tribute to previous accomplishments and significant life events, focusing on his or her remaining strengths while nurturing their present relationships.

Our Tribute Program focuses on:

  • Resident Directed Care
  • Knowing each Person’s Life Story
  • Communication and Understanding
  • Partnering in Care

We consider it a profound honor and privilege to be able to share in the closing chapters of our residents’ distinguished life stories, and give tribute to both their past, and present, experiences and achievements.

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In this program, we recognize that a person’s current limitations and disability can be significantly minimized by creating a comfortable and familiar environment that focuses on the person’s remaining strengths, nurtures their present relationships, and helps recreate pleasant experiences of the past.

Resident Directed Care

Our approach to Memory Care considers the whole person; understanding that through Resident/Family Directed Care the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual facets of an individual are closely intertwined, and anything that affects the person in one of these areas, may deeply influence the other aspects of their well-being. Although a person’s physical care may require time and attention, it is the continuing nurturing of the mind and spirit that truly brings meaning to life and that is the focus of the Tribute Program and our team.

Knowing the Person’s Life Story

Caring for the whole person is best accomplished when the people providing the care know a great deal about the person for whom they are caring. By learning about and appreciating the individual’s life story; including the significant relationships, experiences, places, vocations, affiliations, hobbies and interests, as well as the struggles and losses that impacted their lives, our team members can help evoke meaningful memories, bringing enjoyment and purpose to their present life experience. Additionally, we strive to minimize stress and frustration, while respecting the person’s individuality, by understanding and honoring his or her personal preferences in daily routines, food, clothing, activity, comfort, and enjoyment.

Communication and Understanding

The Tribute Program places a strong emphasis on effective communication with our Memory Care residents, and on actively listening to what a resident may be trying to tell us. The early stages of memory impairment can be frustrating and frightening to the one who is experiencing it. Every emotion, expression, and behavior exhibited by such an individual has meaning. A change in a resident’s mood or behavior is usually a signal that something is troubling them, or that something may have changed in their physical condition. By listening with our eyes, minds, and hearts, as well as our ears, we can understand that resident’s message and respond accordingly.

Partnering in Care

Finally, the Tribute Program recognizes that memory loss is not only experienced by the person who is impaired but that it is an experience shared by everyone who is part of the person’s life. We truly value the trust placed in us by a resident and their family when they choose to live here and allow us to assist them with their needs through our Memory Care program. We pledge to work in partnership with the resident and family, as well as with physicians and other healthcare providers, to achieve the highest quality of life possible for the resident. We consider it a profound honor and privilege to be able to share in the closing chapters of our residents’ distinguished life stories, and give tribute to both their past, as well as present achievements and experiences.

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“Indoors and out, Quail Park gives residents, guests and team a sense of warmth and a feeling of being at home.”

-Denis Bryant
CEO and president of Living Care Lifestyles and Quail Park Communities.