As people are living longer than ever before and as the world becomes more globalized, seniors are increasingly choosing to treat their retirement as an opportunity to relocate and experience some part of the world they have not previously visited. Arizona is becoming a prime location for residence, for people of all ages including retirees. Aging adults will enjoy the moderate, arid climate.

If you are considering spending your golden years in Arizona, you might be looking for a senior living community. This can provide a great option for easy living. Learn more about your senior living options and what to look for in a potential community:


Of course, one of your primary concerns when selecting a location for residence, especially during your senior years, is comfort. Then, comfort often involves convenience. If you are choosing to live in a senior living community, you likely want to increase convenience by reducing your responsibilities and having an easier lifestyle. Senior living communities do eliminate the need to care for a home. You can enjoy prepared meals, provided transportation, and even make use of housekeeping services.

Aging adults may also be looking for senior care services that can assist with their mobility and medical needs. An ideal community will offer adaptive services that can scale up as support needs increase, so that you can age in place, in a familiar setting and among familiar faces, rather than relocating again.


Many aging adults initially fear the thought of moving into a senior living community. This is because such settings were not always very enticing. In the past, these settings were treated as sterile facilities. Every resident would move into a standard room and follow a standard schedule. Such a setting would leave most people feeling unenthusiastic and perhaps as though they have lost their freedom.

Now, senior living communities are anything but standard. Most are like miniature resorts. Residents can select a floorplan, set up their living space to their own preferences, and even bring along their pets. Dining options are offered in an anytime format, so that residents can eat what they want, when they want. Various spaces and activities offer each resident a choice for what they will participate in each day. All of this adds up to a sense of freedom and continued independence.


Finally, as you examine your senior living options, you do want to take location into consideration. Some seniors want to stay close to home and family during their golden years. Others do want to relocate to a new setting. Not only does Arizona offer an ideal climate, it also offers plenty of recreational and sight-seeing opportunities for seniors, who want to live their golden years to the fullest.

Quail Park of Oro Valley is ideally located in a town with plenty to see and do. Oro valley is also quite near Tucson, which offers plenty of big-city attractions. Phoenix and Flagstaff are also worth a visit. Within driving distance are opportunities to connect with nature in state parks and national parks, such as the Grand Canyon National Park. Additionally, Las Vegas is a half-day drive or a brief flight away.

Next Steps

As you begin making decisions for your senior living options, keep in mind the factors of comfort, freedom, and location. If you are interested in Arizona, consider Quail Park of Oro Valley. Schedule a visit and take a tour to see if it can offer you the right balance of amenities for your senior years.